Friday, January 13, 2012

4 years ago...

Four years ago on this day this boy changed my life in the best way possible...

When he arrived, all 7lbs 1oz of him - my heart doubled in size, perhaps even tripled.  And four years later he's done nothing but expand what I thought was already an impossible amount for love for him just by being him.

He's sweet.
He's cute.
He's funny.
He's expressive.
He's SOOOOO smart.
He's thoughtful.
He's sensitive.
He has the most contagious laugh.
He's kind.

And he says adorable things like, "Mom, I just love you so much" ALL.THE.TIME without being coaxed and it's all I can do to not throw him in the car and drive him to the nearest toystore and say, "Pick whatever you want!" 


That and he reminds me so much of his father... another boy I happen to adore.

Dear Hayden,
Happy birthday to my handsome little man!
I love you so very much
and I'm so proud, so happy,
so blessed to be your mommy!

I love you forever & always.

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  1. I also love this boy, who warms my heart, sits on my lap, loves popcorn, kicks my hiny at ALL video games, loves to cuddle, and makes me laugh everyday!! Thanks for coming into the world and making it a better and brighter place Hayden, Tom & Cole love you.