Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drumming Giraffes

Tonight I pulled out an old costume of Hayden's to see if it would fit Elijah for an upcoming "Dress Up Party."

I'm probably bias...but he's a pretty adorable giraffe!

Elijah ~ 2 1/2 years

What struck me the most about him running around in this cute little outfit was not how adorable he was (and he's cuuuuuuute) but the choice of toy he paired with his ensemble.  In fact, it made me search back through the archives to find this... October 2009.

Hayden ~ 21 months.
Yep... these brothers share more than just their dashing good looks, they march to the beat of the same drum!

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  1. Oh my gosh, the cuteness of my little nephews!!!! Love the 2nd shot of Elijah. We need pictures like this to remember in those moments when we want to strangle him! haha :)