Monday, August 15, 2011

A Time of Mourning

Yesterday I did the unthinkable.

I killed one of my precious Rachael Ray pans.
And it's really dead.

It started so innocently... I was hard boiling eggs for a potato salad that I wanted to get a head start on, but then baby needed a diaper change, toddler needed help finding his blankie for nap time, and by the time I got the boys laid down for their naps I promptly forgot all about my eggs on the stove top and got sucked into an episode of MasterChef on Hulu (oh Gordon Ramsey how I hear you mocking me now... is this because I said I could cook risotto??)

That completely sick to my stomach feeling hit me when I heard a loud "BANG" from the kitchen followed by a curious flying projectile and the room began filling with smoke. While some would have cried "Oh no my eggs" my instant dread was 100% related to my cry/plea/wailing "Dear God, NOT my RACHAEL RAY PAN!!!!!!!"

But alas the damage was done.

Did you know that eggs will explode when boiled dry like that?
That the sheer force of six eggs exploding can and will, blow your glass lid right across your kitchen.
That the smell of the burning eggs combined with the disintegrating non-stick coating on your pan is something that will sear itself in the lining of your nostrils and your mind...forever.

Oh the horror.

My poor little 1-qt sauce pan.

I'm so very sorry.
Please don't tell Rachael what I did to you!

I am ashamed.


  1. haha ho he he ha... oh, I mean, that is terribly sad and I mourn with you dear sister!

  2. How crazy is it that you had a cooking catastrophe while watching a cooking show? Sorry about your pan!

  3. Conjures broccoli memories. :)

  4. Been there ..done that..but my pan survived.
    I think if Rachael had a competition your blog today would definitely be a winning entry for should get an awesome prize!! ( at least worthy of a replacement gift ;D

  5. sorry for your saucepan! But don't be least you have a reason to buy a new one! :)

  6. so done that, but it was with one of my nice frying pans, stainless steal ones, that is! RIP my lovely pan!

  7. I popped over from Jodi's blog. I mourn with you, my friend. There are just some things that shouldn't die before their time, like saucepans and Krispy Kreme donuts.....

    You food shots are awesome! I'm following you in my reader!