Monday, August 8, 2011

Time Well Spent

This past weekend was our first in over a month where we had NO plans ~ so we decided to call it a "family" weekend and focus on our boys and doing things together.

Friday we had a low key dinner on our patio, watched a movie and snacked on rice krispie treats that my evil friend Amy baked earlier in the day and then sent home with me.

I'm helpless to their power...
she knew that...
and she STILL sent them home with me!

Saturday we took the boys to the Portland Children's Museum.  It was the first time any of us had been there and it lived up to the hype.  They really have made it such a fun and interactive place for kids - and we'll definitely visit again.  My boys both loved splashing in water, digging in dirt (well fake dirt, it was actually recycled and chopped up tires... much cleaner), grocery shopping in a kid size store complete with beeping scanner for checkout, art studios, music rooms, face painting - Hayden was in hog heaven and the only bummer about the day is that the battery on my camera was dead... thankfully we have camera phones.

The children's museum... this was actually as we left thus Hayden's painted face!
Now that's a picture!!
Turning all the gears to make water pour out different ways

"Rubber duckie, you're the one... you make bath time (or any water activity) so much fun..."

I loved the water proof aprons they had for all the kids to protect their clothing... GENIUS!!!

He could have played with the watering can all day.

Building our own track for the ducks and the boats to float down.

Grocery shopping

The dig pit
"This is too much fun!"
Digging in action... Hayden was going so fast he's just a blur

Filling up the scales
Loading up the dump truck

They let the kids paint their own faces... oh dear.
My super cute moustached clown face boy!

We also had a beautiful BBQ dinner with Dave's mom, took walks around the neighborhood in the boys wagon, ate fresh zucchini and tomatoes from our garden, welcomed home one of my best friends who just moved home after 5 years away and shared lots of laughter with my boys...

but my favorite thing of the whole weekend...
two days in a row..
two hour naps in the afternoon for all FOUR of us!
It was HEAVEN!

I think I'm declaring the month of August family month - especially if the naps continue for this mommy!

How was your weekend?


  1. How awesome and fun for everyone. great pictures of all the areas. Could just see Wijah throwing all the fake dirt cute!
    .. and I guess I had better keep a look out for a nice child sized watering can ;D Hayden DOES love to water things!

  2. Looks like tons of fun! Wish i would have thought to take my kids when they were little!

  3. Dig Pit looks huge! Best part is the 2 hour naps though... love those!!