Friday, July 22, 2011

A Cautionary Tale

I recently decided to utilize the "self-clean" function on my stove.  It seemed like a fantastic option when compared to the "bend over and scrub and scrub and scrub" option.  I also thought implementing it during the late evening/night was a great time to try it out seeing as I wasn't planning on cooking while I was sleeping.

I'm good, but I'm not that good!

The following warning is issued for those of you have who may have pondered using this function yourself.

* WARNING * Use the self-clean option on your stove with caution.  And by caution I mean the following:

1.  Do not use while you're home - it stinks to high heavens.  And you feel really bad that the kitchen is right next to your children's bedroom and you're sure you're burning their retinas while they sleep.

2.  Do not use if you have highly sensitive smoke detectors... because it sends smoke pouring out the top of your elements, forcing you to open all your windows so that you don't scare the daylights out of said sleeping children.

2.  Do not use while you're home on a really muggy night - because self cleaning means turning your stove as high as it can possibly go for a long period of time, and that sure makes things really toasty inside, and the windows open on said muggy night means you can't also use the air conditioning because that's just pointless! 

3.  Do not use if you have anything plastic on or near the vicinity of your stove.  My Kirkland brand Salt & Pepper Grinders DID NOT SURVIVE!

The bottoms are entirely warped, so they don't stand anymore.

 R.I.P. little grinders, I sure enjoyed you while you were in my life. 

If you adhere to these warnings - you'll be just fine.  And it did it's job - clean oven with minimal involvement from me.


  1. Wow! who knew?! ..note taken.

  2. Duly noted. I've yet to clean my oven - the manual or automatic way!

  3. You guys have never used your self-clean function on your ovens before?!! The real question should be, why wouldn't you use your self clean function? It's the easiest thing to clean in your house!! I use mine all the time. However, your cautions are true. You must plan ahead:)