Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well... I HAD great intentions of writing a terrific recap this evening of our wonderful fourth of July weekend, complete with pictures and a full rundown of everything from my line dancing expo at church on Sunday (big step for me), to the rodeo, the parade, BBQ's and all the inbetweens... BUT....I just plugged in my camera only to find I left the memory card at work today.  GRRRR

So instead I will leave you with a couple tips for the night:

1.  IF you look at your photos at work because you're excited to show your co-workers how your fireworks setting on your camera worked... DON'T forget to put said memory card back into your camera.  It's really a hindrance on blog updates when you don't bring it home with you!

2.  IF you find you can't update your blog and you're home alone with two boys (because your hubby is helping friends move) and you decide to let those boys stay up late as a treat and go for a lovely walk around the neighborhood at their normal bedtime because it's such a nice evening, and then stop at a friend's house on your way and visit for a while... please make sure you're not low on anything at home... because arriving home at well past their bedtime is a bummer of a time to notice that you're now going to have to pack them into a car and drive them to a store to buy necessities such as toilet paper... and bread... and milk.

Which leads us to this tip:

3.  IF you are running to the grocery store at 9:00pm because you have NO TOILET PAPER IN THE HOUSE with two children who are tired and cranky, and you're hot and sweaty from pushing them around the neighborhood in 80'F weather and wearing workout clothes it's ALMOST A GUARANTEE you'll run into someone you haven't seen in years, and that's just the impression you want to leave with them... "wow, she's really let herself go and she's got unruly children... why aren't they in bed at this hour??"  Not that they said that, but that's what I imagined because it's exactly how I felt after that experience.

And lastly because it was just the topper:

4.  IF you finally get home, get your children in bed, put away your groceries and then go out to water your garden and take your BRAND NEW PHONE out with you in case your hubby calls... think carefully about where you place it; because finding it completely drenched in water as a result of overflow from your vigorous "come back to life strawberry plant" attempt, is NOT how you want to end your evening!

And with that... I leave you.
Fourth of July recap tomorrow!


  1. I love this post for so many reasons, but mainly: I'M NOT ALONE! I KNEW IT!! Hahaha :)

  2. Definitely a Jodi moment =)

  3. Ah ha! Jodi re visited!!..sorry about the phone. You DID come out of the store with what you went in for though..that has got to be encouraging :D