Monday, October 17, 2011


Life is a story...scrapbook it!

This past weekend was our biannual Scrap Around The Clock (SATC) and it was WONDERFUL! 24-hours of straight scrapbooking bliss, combined with movies, music, vendors, yummy food, door prizes & contests and creative inspiration - not to mention the social aspect that comes from scrapbooking with 48 other ladies who all love the same thing you do!

What we look like in action!

This time we had 49 ladies from all over Oregon and Washington, 9 of which were brand new to our event and had heard about it from friends and/or advertizing.  13 traveled over an hour to join us and 49 people all said they'd be back in Spring.  These women are die-hards!!! I love walking around and seeing the newest products and technology they're using... our gymnasium never sees more outlet use and extension cords than at Scrap Around The Clock - printers, personal die cutters, laptops, desk lamps and more, and they mean business!  Some pulled in RV's to our parking lot for quiet sleeping quarters, some brought sleeping bags and used our sleeping rooms, others drove home for a few hours and came back the next morning and a few crazy folk stayed up the entire 24-hours straight...

One of those crazies this year was someone very near and dear to me - my mother!

Notice the myriad of beverage containers from multiple caffeinated "keep me awake" type drinks.

Mum was a first-time registrant to our event, and because we offer free wi-fi, she bought her laptop down to work on her digital Hawaii album!  It was so fun to have her there, and not just to see me & Jodi in action as Scrap Staff, but to let her experience a hobby that we enjoy so much.  Not being a traditional scrapbooker, I don't think Mum ever really "got it" before...but she loved it!  And I loved having her there!

Mum & me

I got to sit with two of my dear friends - whom I don't get to see NEAR enough, so I really enjoyed my weekend with them.  This picture was taken on the first night when I still felt pretty alert!

Denae & Krista (sisters) and myself! 

24-hours later I was dragging my feet a little more...

My favorite page of the weekend
And yes, I'm a little behind.
Okay, a LOT behind!  These pictures are from August 2008, but I keep reminding myself that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time... so slow and steady wins the race.

Also... it is crazy to look back at pictures of Hayden when he was a has he ever changed!!

How did I not notice how HUGE his head was???
Someone inherited their grandfather's genes (yes Dad, I'm talking about you).

All in all it was a great weekend.  We had fabulous vendors (Christina, Sarah, Kourtney, Cristy) who set up tables and sold their goods during the weekend, we had our espresso cart open (thanks Laurie), we had a massage therapist who came and gave massages for our ladies (thank you Cassie), we had fantastic caterers who prepared such amazing meals for us... and I was too busy devouring the food to remember to take pictures... but it was delicious!!  (Thanks Angey & Amy.)  And of course, all the great people that came.  Here's just a few:

I already can't wait for our Spring Scrap next March... we're making it even bigger: 33-hours straight - OH YEAH BABY!
Maybe I'll even make it into 2009!
(one can dream).


  1. You can do it Kel! 2009 is calling your name :)
    Great recap!!

  2. Thank you Kelly. It was VERY fun..and especially to be there with you and experience everything that goes on ..Wonderful recap and great pics of everyone.