Monday, October 3, 2011

The Month That Got Away!

Hi blog world. I'm back...did you miss me?

Not to make excuses for my absence, but September was the busiest month of my life.  I didn't realize how used to my summer schedule I was until the new school year started and I was launched back into the full-time work day.  Although I had such wonderful intentions to blog... anytime I had a moment where I could have sat at my computer I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion! 

September also saw a couple pretty big decisions for us as a family.  The biggest one of which was our decision to accept the position of college age pastors at our church.  This launches us fully back into youth ministry and since we're still heading up the worship department and all our other responsibilities too, our plate is beginning to resemble more of a serving tray!  But we are also really excited - we just have to figure out how to balance it all with our family time too!

Rather than try to recap the entire month I'm just picking my three top events of the month to talk about today.

Our annual trip over Labor Day weekend with approx. 150 people from our church is ALWAYS a blast.  And this year with the beautiful 90+ degree weather every day made this trip one of the best yet. We swam, we played LOTS of games, we hung out with friends just relaxing, and we enjoyed the air conditioning in Dave's mom's tent trailer that we borrowed for the weekend.  Besides the fun of being with my family and close friends ~ Hayden also learned to ride his bike (actually pedaling alone) and Elijah figured out how to walk behind a little push toy which kept him quite occupied the ENTIRE weekend!

Earlier this year Dave heard about this extreme obstacle race called "The Warrior Dash" and got really excited about participating in something like it...then we found out it was coming to Portland and so he got a small group of friends to register with him and on September 11th he competed and conquered his first Warrior Dash.  It was a 5k race with 10 different obstacles throughout including jumping over logs in waist-deep water, climbing over piles of wrecked cars, climbing cargo nets, running through tires, climbing over walls and then crawling through a mud pit under barbed wire - and Dave did GREAT.  Over 7000 people competed in the event, with heats of 400 racers starting every 30 minutes over the course of two days.  Some people competed for best time.. most competed to say they did it, and the funnest part was seeing all the crazy costumes as groups of people came dressed to impress. 

3.  Baby's First Steps.
I should point out that these three highlights were listed in chronological order, not in order of importance... because I'd put this at the top of the list otherwise!!!
Elijah took his first steps on Wednesday, September 28th at 16 months, 4 days old while in the church nursery with his Auntie Jodi and Grandma.   I thought I'd made it ABUNDANTLY clear to the child that he should let me be present for this milestone... but I missed it by 2 minutes.  But I've definitely got to witness plenty of it since I've decided to forgive him.  I videoed this clip the next day as he showed off his new skill.


And that's a wrap people! 

Here's to a slower October...hahaha...who am I kidding?!


  1. cute ,cute, cute.. Elijah that is! (Dave was a little messy!)

  2. Very busy month! Yeah, Elijah - and Dave - and Hayden - oh, and Kelly for keeping up with all your busy boys.

  3. Yay you blogged! Love Hayden's face catching the ball, and the video of Elijah's first steps...priceless!