Monday, January 24, 2011

10 things I learned this weekend

This past weekend went by in an absolute blur.  Weekends tend to be busy for us, well...okay life in general is busy for us - but for some reason this past weekend went by extra fast!!

However, in the midst of the whirlwinds I learned a few significant things:

1.  I learned that my 3-year old son already has a reputation among his peers as being the world's best fighter.  What makes this even funnier is the following sequence of photos was taken the same day this "rumor" was spread. 

Even rough & tough fighters get in touch with their feminine sides from time to time
You look lovely son!  Pink is your color!

2.  I learned, much to my chagrin, that when I asked my darling husband how I looked before I left for church to LEAD WORSHIP; he did not notice, and nor did the six other males on the worship team with me that morning, that my sweater was buttoned wrong (one side totally longer than the other) all morning. Yep... five full hours I displayed my aptitude for dressing to the world before it was kindly pointed out to me by several people following the service. 

3. I learned that due to #2 I'm happier than ever that we don't do live broadcasting of our services.   350 people in service was more than enough witnessing for me.

4.  I learned that I'm a total sucker for babies.  Okay, not real breaking news there, but I didn't think that this guy would make my 8-month old look like a toddler and in turn make me desperately want another already.  Hello Logan... I just want to put you in my pocket and smuggle you home with me!! 

But I won't, because that would be kidnapping.
And your mommy would miss you.
And probably press charges.     

Baby Logan - 3 weeks old - totally adorable and with more hair than both my boys put together!

5.  I learned that eggs-in-a-hole may be my new favorite "quick" way to prepare my eggs for breakfast.  Thank you Pioneer Woman & Joey from Friends for inspiring me to try it.    Couldn't be simpler - but oh so delicious.  I'll never go back to plain ol' toast and eggs again.

6.  I learned that the one Sunday you don't pack extra clothes in the diaper bag when you drop your kid off in nursery, will be the Sunday that he pees all over himself and the nursery worker (sorry Shannon) and will get to spend the rest of the morning wearing nothing but his diaper and his blanket.

7.  I learned that I have a serious illness, a chemical imbalance, or just some really strange disorder that causes me to involuntarily make four times the amount of food we actually need to feed our family EVERY MEAL!  So, if anyone would like some baked potato soup... we have it coming out our ears.

Mmmmmm good... but not for five days in a row!  Help me!
8.  I learned that my 3-year old is not ready to walk beside me in the grocery store instead of riding in the cart.  "Clean up on aisle 6!"   Oh how I wish I was joking!  He can't NOT touch things.  I won't go into great detail, but it involved face lotion and jars of baby food, and me being totally mortified (and angry, and irritated, and embarrassed again) and it wasn't pretty!

9.  I learned that no matter how late you keep a child up at night, they will not, and I repeat WILL NOT sleep in for you the next morning.  My children's internal clocks keep better time than the atomic clock in Colorado!  

* Along with this, I also learned that Dave's internal clock is on a different time zone than the rest of us and there will be NO getting up for him if he was up late the night before.  Sigh.  Guess mommy will be getting up with the children at the crack of early on the weekends!
10.  I learned that you can't stay mad at your kids... no matter how hard you try.  And why even try when you have this smiling at you every day!

Cuteness personified!

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Great post and great pics! So sorry I wasn't there to IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY YOU of the misbuttoned sweater! ;)
    p.s. I will take some soup please :)

  2. Enjoying...Smiling. Keep writing. Whose little boy?

  3. There is NO way you could ever be mad at those 2 adorable boys of yours. :)

  4. I loved this!! Totally laughed the entire time!! Ohhh Kels, I failed you on your sweater, but like I keep saying in my defense I was only on one side of you all morning and that was the correctly buttoned side :)

  5. I learned that I am not as observant as I thought because I did not notice your sweater either and I was sitting right in front of you while you were on stage.Note to self: work on paying attention!

  6. This was great Kel. I DID notice the sweater..but after trying to count the buttons, while standing directly in front of you.. with out glasses, came to the conclusion that surely I had to be wrong..Kelly would NEVER do that...good thing you have such cute babies.."cute babies cover a multitude of chagrins" :D