Sunday, January 23, 2011

For Becky: How to chop an onion!

In honor of my friend Rebecca... and all those other people who don't know how to chop an onion!

Dearest Becky,

You are far, far away in Australia, but even Aussie's 
have to eat, so I have posted this just for you!  
Please don't chop an onion the slow and long way again. 
Let's be honest - crying is not your best look! 

Your friend, Kelly

 Start by lopping off the ends of the onions.

With one of the newly cut ends face down on the cutting board, cut the onion in half with a sharp knife.  

(Note...dull knives do you NO favors in chopping onions!)

Peel the skins off and lay your onions flat-side down on the chopping board.

Make vertical slices as thick or thin as you want your onion chopped.  If you need a finely diced onion, do your slices close together.

Now turn your onion (of if it's easier your cutting board) 90 degrees and slice in the opposite direction.

And presto... done!

So quick you won't have time to cry!!!  

But to help with that process:  Keep your onions in the refrigerator before you cut them... it helps.  Also, I've heard holding a piece of bread in your mouth (and letting it hang out partially) while you chop is supposed to work too.  Never tried it, but a co-worker of mine swears by it!

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  1. Or..wear swimming'll look hiddious..but they work the best..true! :D