Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I just typed in my title and immediately my mind jumped to multiple things I LOVE dearly.

My husband, my children, my Jesus, my family, coffee, the way my babies smell when they've just had a bath, tulips, scrapbooking, my friends, my church, shoes, white chocolate, massages, Thai food, New Zealand, vacations, everything about summer, the way my husband looks at me, bread pudding... and so much more, but today's post is dedicated to what I love most in my kitchen... at least today :)

I'd like to introduce you to my Rachael Rays.

They came to live with me in July of 2009 as part of a WONDERFUL surprise from my most amazing husband and quickly earned themselves a place in my life and my heart forever.  Not to mention they have made my cooking experience FANTASTIC.

Are they top of the line?  No.

Will they last me forever?  Doubtful.

Do they make me as cool or as good a chef as Rachael Ray?  Sadly... not even close.  (But I sometimes pretend.)


Are they a thousand times better than what I was using prior to July of 2009?  A thousand times YES!

Do they have the cutest orange handles EVER, totally reminiscent of the seventies, yet modern, stylish and dare I say, sassy?  (Can a pan be considered sassy?)  I vote yes.  

And do I love that my husband was thoughtful enough to completely surprise me on a non-holiday, non-anniversary, non-birthday, non-Christmas, simply-because-he-loves-me type occasion?  You bet your bottom dollar baby!!

That line always makes me think of little orphan Annie.

"The sun will come out your bottom dollar that tomorrow...there'll be sun!"

That has absolutely nothing to do with this post or my lovely cookware, but sometimes I ramble and you're just going to have to live with that.

Anyhoo.... when UPS delivered the giant box to my doorstep that blessed sunny afternoon I gasped, I gaped, I laughed, I cried, I clapped and jumped up and down like an excited little school girl and then I glued myself to the box in a giant bear hug and didn't let go.

Hello... pretty shiny pots & pans, I love you!
A year and a half later I'm still ridiculously happy with them.  So today, on What I Love Wednesday - I'd like to give a shout out to my Rachael Rays... and my husband Dave.

Thanks again my love, if I haven't told you lately how much I love them, and you... I do.  I really do!!!

P.S.  With Valentines Day approaching nothing says "love" like the matching 5-qt oval saute pan or the 16.5" roaster with rack... just sayin'.


  1. Ohhh Kelly the last part made me laugh out loud!! with V-day approaching you are right that sounds amazing! And dare I say you are in my book a thousand times greater in every way than Rachel Ray....I feel as though I am forced to watch her because you are not on TV for me!!!! Love ya GREAT POST BTW.

  2. There is nothing better than some very nice non-stick sassy cookware... and the fact that your last picture has the pans set up almost identical to the cover of the box they came in (yes, I noticed ;)

  3. name is Carol and I do NOT posess Rachel Rays pots & pans. sigh.
    ( Best post yet Kel :D

  4. You have the exact Rachal Ray cookware I want to get. I've always loved those orange handles :) Your blog is great.