Thursday, April 21, 2011

How it all started...

Last night I was in a reminiscing mood.  Dave and I started discussing plans for our anniversary this year (six years of wedded bliss this June) and it got me thinking of how we began...

You see before there was this:
Family Photo - Fall 2010

Or this:

Our wedding - June 11, 2005

Or even this:

Getting engaged - December 17, 2004

There was this:

My brother and his best friend Dave circa 1996

Yep, I'm the girl that stole her brother's best friend!

Dave and Jay met in the 6th grade (1993-1994) and became instant friends.  All through jr. high, high school and into college they remained close (and still are).  From 8th grade year through their last years in high school Dave spent most weekends at our place, and even came on several family vacations with us. At least that's what I'm told...

You see, here comes the interesting part - I don't remember him AT ALL!  I can not recall even one instant of him being at our house or ever going on vacation with us.

This is what happens when your brother's best friend is FOUR YEARS younger than you.  And being that I was ahead in school, we were FIVE GRADE levels apart.

I'll help you do the math - when I graduated from high school Dave was finishing 7th grade.

Does that make me sound creepy? really does!

We won't even talk about this:

Spring 2000
Except to say FOR THE RECORD this is NOT a couple photo.
Oh far from it!

This was me chaperoning the homecoming court lunch my first year working at Country Christian School - and posing with the 2000 homecoming King.  I can't tell you what I was thinking in this picture, but it was definitely NOT, "Hey one day I think I'm gonna marry this guy." It was probably more along the lines of, "I hope they don't put this in the yearbook" - which they did!

It was not until Dave came back from his first year of college and joined the youth worship team with me that I noticed him as someone more than just "that kid that hangs out with my brother!" We became friends working in youth leadership and I fell in love with him watching him worship.

And now we lead worship at our church together as heads over the worship ministry and I just have to smile when I think about how blessed I am and how he is just the perfect one for me. 

So thanks Jay - thanks for being best friends with someone that needed to be in my life (even if I didn't notice he was in it for all those years)  and thanks for sharing him with me now.

And thanks babe for loving me even though I completely ignored you growing up!
I love you more than words can say!


  1. I love this story Kelly. I am glad you stole Jay's best friend! You two are just made for each other! Happy almost anniversary! :)

  2. Funny little bit of info that you may not remember: There was a time around 2001/2002-ish that you told me you figured since you were ready to get married God must be working on the guy you were going to marry. When I heard about you and Dave I laughed and figured you were probably more right then you knew! Of course in this case the "working" was more of an aging issue!:) You guys are cute and your babies are adorable!

  3. Wait, CCHS has home coming? and where is the LIKE button? Great story BTW, I remember that kid, seeing him anyway. (Yep, I'm the girl that stole his <~~~ should be "her" brother's best friend!)

  4. lol, what a great love story! I didn't realize you were that much of a cradle robber ;)

  5. Oh nice catch Warren, the dangers of typing at midnight. And oh the changes CCS has made since then - it's crazy to see how much different than when we were there!

  6. OHHHHHH.....Seriously this was so sweet! I love it. I love that your love story began so long ago (even if you cant remember it) And btw I love the "couple" photo- I was there and remember that being taken. Also the engagement picture was so sweet and melted my heart! Happy almost 6 years my friend!

  7. This might be one of my favorite posts yet...I love the early pictures ..and the story is a great one.

  8. If it makes you feel better when I graduated high school Amy hadn't quite had her 10th birthday yet.

  9. Just because Kelly didn't notice me doesn't mean I didn't notice her! Oh yeah, best friends older sister!! What? What? I knew it all along.

  10. Ha ha Dave, love your comment. And Scott's - that's crazy! I was the sister that had no clue anything was going on the whole time, and then was super excited because I knew he loved basketball and would therefore get along so great with Russ! ha :)