Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrap Around the Clock - Pt. 2

I'm back...and I've slept - and I feel a little more like me!!!

So back to the recap, this past weekend was WONDERFUL.  It was full and crazy and I got little to no sleep - but it was totally worth it!!

I'm one of five in a committee (headed up by my darling sister) that hosts a twice-a-year scrapbooking event that goes for 24 hours straight.  We call it "Scrap Around the Clock." 

Jodi & Annie manning the registration table.

Serious scrappin' space!

Friday and Saturday our school auditorium was transformed from a gymnasium into a giant crop station.  We brought in SIXTY-FIVE 6-ft tables, we showed movies on our big screen, gave away THIRTY door prizes and THREE grand prizes, we provided bell-hop service for people's supplies courtesy of our school's Key Club and we hired a caterer to provide amazing meals for our registrants.  We had a licensed masseuse on-site doing massages, and had five vendors with beautiful tables selling scrapbooking supplies and also handmade crafts.  We also had our espresso cart open (that much scrapping necessitates caffeine in a big way) and then had regular coffee, tea, cider & hot chocolate available all 24-hours.  Add welcome packets filled with goodies, sleepover rooms, Wi-fi, and plenty of creative inspiration -  I think we put on a really fantastic event!!

Me hard at work - and I need to be, I'm a little behind.  That's 2008 photos for goodness sake!

Our "give-a-ways" - gorgeous 12x12 double page layouts that people could choose from when their ticket was drawn.

Sarah Nofziger, AKA Sarie June with her beautiful creations.  I bought a ring and have a handmade ruffle scarf coming too!

Christina - our faithful Creative Memories consultant

One of my favorite scrappin' companions, and fellow SATC staff member, Carmajo!

Jana, Cara, Tricia & Jodi

Tina, Kelly & Jennifer
Tracy, Janelle & Krista

Erica & Cindy

Brianna, Christina, Mandy, Heather & friend
And our Queen of the Crop Cassi and Princess of Quite-A-Lot Kourtney, winners of the auction package that provided free registration plus a bunch of extras.

Friday night our local newspaper in town came out and did an article on SATC which was pretty cool. We had 56 ladies come from all over Oregon, and even some from Washington State and several of the registrants drove more than 3-hours to come.   13 were first-timers who heard about it from word of mouth and EVERYONE said they'd be back in the Fall.

Come on October - I'm already looking forward to our next SATC.


  1. you got some great pics... nice recap!

  2. Sounds like an incredible amount of work was put into planning..and looks like a big success.So glad you took a pic of the whole gym .that's a whole heap of tables! ... job well done all you scrapaholics!