Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Too Busy

Saturday was a work day around here - it wasn't raining (that was almost two days straight here in Oregon...a new record for this year).  Dave was working outside in the yard, and I was trying to plow through seven loads of laundry, so I wanted Hayden to go play outside for a while.

Of course, upon suggesting this to the 3-year old, he informed me of the following:

HAYDEN:  "I can't mom, I'm too busy."

ME:  "You're too busy?  What are you too busy doing?"

HAYDEN:  "I've got to have a snack and play the Wii a little bit.  I have to beat the level mom!  I'm just too busy!   (Also imagine him throwing his hands in the air like he's saying "I just can't help it.")

He's THREE and his schedule is just too tight for playing!

My video-game addict!
Nice try kiddo!  I laughed right before I sent him OUTSIDE to play in the sunshine like NORMAL children do!

It might be time hide the Wii!


  1. In Hayden talk "I hab to beat da webble !! ..too cute..cute pic too.