Sunday, April 24, 2011

My little lamb

Today is Easter...and what a full and glorious day it has been.

So full and glorious that I'm EXHAUSTED - but until I can recap fully the day (look for it tomorrow) I'll leave you with a little glimpse into Hayden's first choir performance.

Our church has an Iddy-Biddy choir for the kids 3 years - kindergarten age.  Hayden turned 3 right AFTER Christmas, so today was his debut singing up front.  They've been learning it Wednesday  nights at church and we've been practicing the song at home so I knew that he had it down and I was excited to see how he'd do.

Zavery, Connor, Hayden, Blake Heikkila, Blake Halverson, Kyle & Chase

He did great during practice before church. Walked boldly up on stage with the other kids, did all his actions and sang loudly!  I was so proud!

The little lamb gone astray

And then came performance time.. and little man decided to sit and do his own actions.  Oh dear.

This little lamb did not "follow " as his song suggested...

He was still cute, but not doing what he was 'supposed' to be doing, which caused his cousin Blake (who was standing on the step above him) to keep yelling at him to stand up during the performance. And consequently caused a tumble down the stairs at the end of the song as Blake came to tell him off and was bumped off the step by another boy walking down.

I'm so sorry Blake.  Your cousin is a stubborn little lamb. 

It's a good thing it's eight months until Christmas choir - we've got some time to work on Hayden's "choir conduct."

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Ha Ha I love it! Those first Choirs are always so fun to see! Sorry we missed your debut Hayden!

  2. How great you got to see him do it perfectly before hand..and take proof pictures. Way to go Blake for attempting to bring the situation into control ( a couple of little little chips off the ole block there.)

  3. great recap Kelly. I loved watching Hayden and Blake in the choir. One of the best highlights of the Extravaganza every year. :)