Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1.  Spring sure took its sweet time to show up in Oregon, but Friday it finally hit.  Sunshine, blue skies, temperatures in the high 60's all meant it was time to pull out the BBQ grill.  Oh yes... hello grilled chicken, I've missed you!

My personal (and very handsome)  GRILL MASTER

2.  Project man is back - my Dave not only created this beautiful raised garden bed this weekend, he also made a cool corner garden in our front yard (pics to be come later) AND hit a liquidation nursery sale and bought all sorts of fun plants & trees for our place.  Operation Backyard is getting kicked into high gear this year!!!  In other exciting news, he also bought paint to FINALLY finish painting our halls - since they've been half painted for almost a year now.

Then he bought me beautiful Gerbera daisies for this corner too!

3.  My baby is growing up right before my eyes.  I know this is a toy car, but seeing him sit in it and hold onto the steering wheel gave me a just a slight moment of panic as I realized he's going to be 16 before I know it.  Dave, I think I need another baby...

"He's an excellent driver, he goes slow in the driveway!"

4.  Dave's love for basketball has been passed down to his son - and his skill too... go Hayden go!!


5.  My hat phobia is completely justified, as proven this past weekend.  Okay, perhaps not a hat phobia exactly, but more the long-term commitment necessary for wearing said hats.  Hats equal hat-hair (and that occurs unusually quickly on my head) so wearing a hat means I need to be okay with wearing it ALL DAY which can be daunting to me.

BAD hair hides under this hat.

6.  I never remember that I have a hat-commitment-phobia when I'm in the store trying on cute hats.  I only remember that I think they're adorable and think I should buy more of them.  This is a problem.

7.  Goodwill is my friend.  Sunday I scored big time when I found multiple things I really liked... THAT FIT and then to make it even better... four of my seven items were 50% off marked price as their special tag of the day... seven clothing items for under $30.  Bargains make me happy.

New purse... NOT from Goodwill  BUT only $7 on sale at Payless... it added to the shopping bliss!

8.  Sunday was my last time buying formula.  For all you mother's who've counted down the days until you didn't have this expense any more - you can all rejoice with me.

9.  I learned that "doggies" is another word for cows.  It still makes NO SENSE whatsoever to me, but apparently watching a Western or two would have clued me into that fact.

Us "herding our doggies" AKA balloons at the Couples Roundup!

10.  It is possible to have a totally spontaneous ice cream outing with six other couples.  We took Yo-Top-It by storm this weekend and it was delicious.

What an incredible weekend - so much fun packed into three short days, and I'm just not ready for it to be over.  I would like to vote that every day becomes a weekend!!!  Anyone care to second that motion?


  1. I second that motion! I like your hat ;)

  2. Great re cap Kel, now if that ONE Spring day could have lasted more than 24 hours.. it would have been great.

  3. I'm with Carol, Spring sprung and then sprang back. So sad:(

  4. Congrats on getting paint for your hallway I know your joy!!

  5. " Dave I think I need another baby" YES!!! WE ALL AGREE! your babies are precious!