Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 Things - A Mother's Day Edition

This past weekend was Mother's Day, and I had the pleasure of getting away to the Oregon Coast with not only my mother and sister, but 70 ladies from our church for a "Women's Getaway."  So many good friends, wonderful memories and special moments.  It was wonderful and relaxing and completely exhausting at the same time (but that may be because I was having too much fun to get any sleep.)  We laughed, we cried, we shopped, we ate marvelous food, we worshiped, we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking, we listened, and we learned!

These are just a few (of the MANY) things that stick out from this weekend:

1.  Hats are making a BIG comeback... and although we may not be "Kentucky Derby" or "Royal Ascot" ready... I think we still had a lot of memorable looks this weekend.

2.  You're never too old to rock a bikini... thanks Pastor Pat!

3.  4:13am.  Nuff said!

4.  There is NOTHING cooler than witnessing a water baptism in the ocean, even one in 45-degree water... except maybe watching 7 water baptisms.  Moving, amazing, spiritual, inspiring and emotional - and then hilarious too watching our dear tiny "always cold" Carolyn braving the cold in a wet suit to baptize them all.  I'm still smiling.

The brave and adventurous "baptizee's" ~ Carolyn, Rachel, Kali, Ellie, Gretchen, Emmy, Amanda & Shannon
Yep...definitely COLD water.

We let Shannon go first since she's 8 1/2 months pregnant and we wanted to get her out of that water quick!





And last but not least ~ Kali

The Kishpaugh girls ~ Emmy, Shannon & Amanda

5.  Second hand stores are wonderful, especially when they sell wet suits for spontaneous water baptisms at the Oregon Coast. Good shopping Gretchen, and way to make it look adorable Carolyn!

6.  I have the BEST mother in the whole world.  PERIOD!  It was wonderful spending the weekend with her, driving to the beach and back and having deep conversations, laughing together, being spoiled (like always) by her amazing generosity and being able to love on her special for Mother's Day.  She is such an amazing lady who, despite how much I try to convey it, will probably never know the depth of how much she means to me or the impact she has had on and in my life.  Wanna know what love is?  Look at my mother.  Selfless, giving, patient, kind, gentle and more than that a prayer warrior who prays for her kids and has spoken so many things into my life.  Thank you Mum... I love you!

My "mum" and me!

7.  The "Thank You" song by Ray Boltz will ALWAYS make me cry.  It doesn't matter who sings it (although Cassi sang it beautifully) but just even reading the words makes me sob.  I was a blubbering mess Sunday.

8.  Strawberry, whipped cream & lemon-curd crepes are delicious and wonderful.  They are not however wonderful when dripped all down the front of your WHITE shirt and brand new sweater.  Sigh.

9.  Next to my mother, I seriously admire, look up to, and LOVE another mother too, even if she's not mine (although she sure tried to boss me around growing up).  My sister makes motherhood look effortless, and she's one of my best friends in the whole world.  Thanks for being the best roommate sis, and for all the fun, chocolate, shopping and late night talks.  I love ya!!

The three of us ~ Mother's Day morning.

10.  I am the most blessed woman in the entire world to be called "mommy" by my beautiful boys.  Hayden & Elijah... you are the world to me and I love you so very much.  Coming home to you on Mother's Day and being smothered in baby & toddler kisses, hugs, a beautifully clean house (thanks babe) and wonderful cards was the PERFECT ending to my weekend.

My boys... my heart.  Hayden (3) and Elijah (11 1/2 months)


  1. Awww, lovely post Kel, thanks for your sweet words about me! I had the BEST time with you this weekend. You too are an amazing mother that I admire.

    And once again with the awesome pics!!

  2. What an awesome recap..amazing photo's and a very humbling tribute to your Mother. Thank you for all you do for me and more so for the Church ..Your many talents and gifts are sometimes over looked, since you are so amazing at being ALL things to ALL people ALL the time, and doing ALL things for ALL people ALL week long and often ALL during the weekends as well, but your children will raise up and call you Blessed..and your parents couldn't be more proud. :D