Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Lil' E!

Today is my baby's 1st birthday.  Just 365 days ago he looked like this...

On my way to get induced.
Yep... some of the perks of being induced is taking a leisurely drive to the hospital in the morning (contraction free), walking on in with your latte in hand (thank you Hot Shots), ordering breakfast from room service while you simultaneously get your epidural & pitocin and then having a delightful morning with your family and close friends in the room while you have a baby.  I realize this is not everyone's experience but it really was a dream delivery!!!

Here's a few hours later that same day:

3:36pm ~ 7lbs 7oz and 19.25" of pure perfection! 

Our new family of four!

This past year has flown by so quickly and Elijah is such a ray of sunshine in our house.  He's cuddly, he's cute, his smile just melts me and he ALWAYS smiles, and my favorite thing - of everyone he knows, I'm still his favorite (by a closing margin... Daddy and Grandma are getting close).  From his first grin in the morning when I go get up from his crib, to the last cuddle and his sleepy smile when I lay him down at night and all the moments inbetween, the boy is pure joy to me.

So happy birthday Elijah - mommy loves you VERY MUCH!!


Two days old - sleeping on Daddy!

One month old - Father's Day 2010

Two months old

Three months old - on his dedication day

Four months old - Family Camp 2010

5 months old - October 2010

6 months - Thanksgiving 2010

7 months old on Christmas Eve

8 months old - January 2011

9 months old - trying to figure out the crawling thing

10 months old - March 2011

11 months old - April 2011

Two days before he turned one... and the reason we decided it was time to cut his hair!

Day before turning one - new haircut!!

Happy 1st birthday my adorable, lovable, squeezable, kissable baby boy!  Looking forward to the next year with you!


  1. My lobster! Thank you for having such cute and sweet kids! Happy Birthday E!!! Your Cole loves you very much!! *p.s CUTE HAIR CUT

  2. That look he's giving brother at three months old is so precious!
    Is he really smiley all the time or are you just a genius photographer? He's just so darn cute!

  3. Molly he is smiley ALL THE TIME. And oh my gosh I LOVE his haircut!!! Elijah you are so handsome!

  4. Love ALL the pics..It's heard to think he is 1 year old already. Elijah is pure delight.. a smiley little treasure who brings joy to every day.

  5. Your boys are so adorable!
    Happy birthday to Elijah! Wishing him all the wonderful things life has to offer!