Monday, May 2, 2011

User Error

Earlier this year I bought a set of awesome travel mugs from Costco.  They have a vacuum auto-seal and require the user to push in a tab on the side before you can drink so they're spill-proof.  They keep my coffee nice and warm in the morning and I like that even if I accidentally knock it with my elbow sitting at my desk at work and it tumbles down my desk, onto my keyboard and lands in my lap ~ the lid doesn't fall off and my beverage is safe and sound.  (proven fact)

It's a good travel mug.   And isn't it pretty?!

About a month ago I found this lovely purse.  It was on sale for only $7 and it was such a happy color, and matched my outfit that I was wearing at the time so perfectly I could not pass it up. I brought it home and loved it, and it's gone everywhere with me since then.  It's nice and big and holds everything I need.  And did I mention it's a happy color?

WHERE THINGS GO DOWNHILL:  This past Sunday Dave poured me an amazing cup of fresh brewed coffee in my travel mug to take to church.  All the way there I resisted the urge to sip it knowing it would be too hot, but anticipating madly how good it would taste once I got to our destination.  Upon arriving, I was struggling to carry the beautiful purse, the coffee, one wiggly pre-toddler, diaper bag and hold another small child's hand so I took my beautiful spill-proof travel mug and threw it in my purse to free up a hand.

Can you see where this story is going??

Fast forward 20 minutes... service is starting and I grab my purse off the floor to pull out my coffee because I'm SOOOOO ready for it, only to find a 99% empty travel mug and a dripping wet purse.


I spent the rest of the service trying to clean up my soggy mess - dry off my camera which thankfully was not damaged... try to rescue my birthday card for my brother and dry out some rather important documents that survived, but with major coffee stains.

I rescued ONE pathetic sip of coffee from the bottom of my mug.

The worst part is, I can't even blame it on the travel mug.  It was completely user error. I didn't screw the lid on correctly, as was pointed out to me by my very helpful husband in my moment of grief.   

Thanks honey for your support! And thank you also for realizing that may have been a mistake and buying me a donut to get back in my good graces.  It worked!!

* FOR THOSE CONCERNED CITIZENS * I am happy to report that the purse survived.  It was touch and go for a while, but it's made a full recovery.


  1. What I need to know is, WAS THE PURSE SAVED?!!!

  2. I noticed your purse when I saw you on Saturday and mentioned to my hubby that I would love to look as cute as you did carrying such a beautiful bag but feel like I would look too impostor-ish and therefore can't bring current frumpy self to even try. Maybe after this baby is born I'll take a chance and start expanding my wardrobe. So sorry and I hope the purse is okay. Spilled coffee is a sad event too!

  3. Whew, that purse is a beauty, I would of hated to see it's use come to end due to a spilled cup of coffee... and donuts always help everything!

  4. Good post Kel, sorry about the spilled coffee though..for both reasons. So glad the purse hind, it holds liquid really well!! - emergency bucket !! ;D