Friday, May 6, 2011

I know, I know, I know!

* Warning, this post contains potty talk.  Read on with caution! 

Have I mentioned how much I HATE potty training?  I don't know if I'm just the worst mom EVER at it, or if I have an unusually difficult/stubborn/resistant/un-trainable child... but it's now May and we're still not there yet.  (Deep breath's Kelly... he'll get it, he'll get it.)

My inner voice of reason has been getting a good workout lately thanks to Hayden.

We have graduated from diapers to pull-ups which is a small milestone but can be frustrating when there's accidents.  Like this morning right before I left for work.  Children dressed and ready, shoes on, jackets on, running out to the car and Hayden freezes and says quickly, "I'm not poopy Mom!"


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  That's the epitome of mommy frustration for me right there.  Do a 360'... go back inside, take off the jacket, the shoes and send boy to his room to wait for me.

Take a deep breath - try to remember you love this child.  (see that inner voice of reason at it again!)

What happened next though caught me off guard.  I walked into his room to find him up on the changing table and right away he threw his arms in the air and burst out with, "I know! I know! I know!"

ME:  "What do you know Hayden?"

HAYDEN:  (eyes suddenly downcast) "Potty goes in the toilet, NOT in the pull up!"

Okay, so maybe we're getting somewhere after all.

ME:  "Then WHY Hayden did you go potty in your pants."

HAYDEN:  (Long sigh, then shrug of the shoulders) "It just happened mom!"

Oh of course, it just happened. 
Not buying that one!

Did I mention yet I hate potty training?

More deep breaths.  This too shall pass.

Of course, then it will be time to train Elijah.  Oh dear Lord... HELP ME!!!!


  1. Don't be discouraged. My mom always said "I've never met a 17 year old wearing diapers." It'll happen...just not always on the schedule we would like! Love ya & see you tonight Yay, so happy :)

  2. Oh poor mommy, and Hayden - potty training is hard sometimes! Keep with it Kel, one day it will just magically "click"!

  3. I DO share your frustration ...sigh!

  4. Potting training sucks! There, someone had to say it:)