Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Man

I want to take a moment to brag on my hard-working husband.

In 2007 Dave took a job with the City of Portland working for the water bureau.  He started as a Utility II Apprentice (AKA grunt man) which is not a glamorous job at all.  Digging ditches, fixing water mains, flagging, working in freezing temperatures and/or out in the rain day after day is probably not what he imagined he'd be doing when he graduated from Bible College with his Bachelor's degree in Theology.

But it was a great opportunity for a steady and secure job with incredible benefits, and he did it for our family.

Dave ~ January 2007
Fast forward four years later, two kids and a mortgage and Dave has earned himself a great reputation at his job amongst the crews and co-workers. He has a great work ethic, learns quickly, works fast and gets along with everyone.  These attributes and more recently helped earn him a nice promotion to a crew leaders apprenticeship.  After a written test, a physical demonstration test and a formal interview... he was ranked 2 out of 400 applicants.  Not too shabby!

The city hired on 8 people for this new position and of course Dave was selected as part of that list.  Also on that list was another friend of ours who will be brand new to the City of Portland and is excited for the opportunities this will afford him and his family too.  So this past weekend we went out to dinner together to celebrate promotions, and jobs and FAVOR!

And well who can help celebrate when you're at Red Robin, their fries alone are a party in your mouth!!

Sam & Dave ~ The Water Bureau's newest Mechanic Apprentices!

Dear Dave,

Thank you for being such a hard worker and doing everything you can to support our family.  I know it's not your dream job but you never complain about the work, or getting up early, or the commute or the weather conditions.  You are an amazing provider and a great example of someone who's making his workplace better just by being there.  I love your attitude towards your job, your co-workers and how you see the bigger picture in everything.  I love you with ALL my heart, and I'm SO proud of you.

Your adoring wife,


  1. Congratulations to your blessed and highly favored husband and family!

  2. So encouraging to read this morning. Congratulations Dave and YAY for God's favor :)

  3. The McKinley's in Portland are so proud Dave! congrats you are so deserving of this promotion; what a great testimony of work for your boys!

    love you Hernandez's !!

  4. Just realized i placed the ' in the wrong place :) sorry ha

  5. Great job, Dave, we all knew you had it in you!!

  6. Very excited for you both. It was fun to hear Jessica talk about finally getting to got to the dentist! But I do have to ask. Is that pic before or after they ate. TOO FULL OR TOO HUNGRY lol

  7. Thank you and you're welcome babe! Every time I wake up really early and get to face a fantastic day of working in the rain I remember that God has provided this job for us and it's been a great blessing to us. I appreciate all the congrats from everybody. God has been so faithful to provide for us and promotion comes from Him!