Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breakfast Burritos

My hubby has a construction job that is incredibly physical at times and he builds up a MAN SIZED appetite, usually fairly early in the day.  He found that even when he ate breakfast at home he'd be starving mid-morning, and this resulted in a lot of "small purchases" from convenience stores to tie him over in between meals.

So I came up with these breakfast burritos for him - and what do you know, he's not ever hungry anymore!  He loves them, and they're an easy way for me to show him I love him AND help our budget!!  Dave is an "acts of service" on the love language scale and so taking the time to make these for him fills his love tank right up!!

There's tons of versatility with these - change the meat, change the veggies, change the tortillas, but this is how I've been creating them as we're trying to be more health conscious.  I've been making up a batch once a week to last him the whole week long and he's loving them!!

Tortillas, ground turkey, eggs, onion, bell peppers,tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, cheese, seasonings.

Start by browning up 1-lb of ground turkey with half a chopped onion. 
 Season liberally with your favorite combination of spices.  I used Montreal Chicken seasoning, and some good ol' black pepper.

Drain the excess fat and set aside.

 I've made the potatoes from scratch before... but I was fresh out of the quick & easy frozen variety worked for tonight.  Prepare potatoes according to package directions and set aside.

Crack six eggs in a bowl.
 Whisk them together.
 Then dice up your favorite veggies.  I used green & yellow bell peppers...
 ...a tomato...

And some baby spinach I roughly chopped.

Throw your veggies in with your egg mix and stir together.

 If you're like me and you got a little zealous on your veggies, and are wondering where your eggs disappeared to, add a little milk to the mix and stir together.

In a skillet melt some butter.

And add your eggs & veggies.  Stir often until eggs are cooked through.

Just like this!

Now starts the assembly line.  I cut squares of wax paper for my tortillas, then take a tortilla...

Add some meat & potatoes...

A good spoonful of eggs.

A sprinkling of cheese.

And then roll that monster burrito up!

Then starting in the corner, roll the burrito up in the wax paper.

Continue until all your mixture is gone!  I made six big stuffed burritos in this batch with plenty of leftover meat to bag up for next time, or use in a different dish.  Then I just bagged them up and stuck them in the refrigerator!  I've found that one egg per burrito works pretty good in planning!

Give them a try, I'd love to hear the different filling ingredients you come up with!!


  1. Thank you. Don't know if Tim will read this but he just happens to be a acts-of-service-breakfast-burrito kind of guy.
    Need more eggs, milk, wax paper first. And then off we go!

  2. Very yummy looking..I shall have to try it.

  3. Love all the veggies in it. Gotta admit, the turkey burger looks kinda gross. I'm sure it's delightful though! Way to be healthy guys!!

  4. Thought you might like to know that I now have the wax paper and milk and all else needed... And it has only been a year and a half...I'm a jonny on the spot kind of girl. BUT hey at least I remembered where to get the info.