Monday, February 7, 2011

Another session of "What I Learned This Weekend."

As yet another weekend comes to a close I find myself wondering where it went.  Of course I know the answer to that since I'm about to document it for you... but still, why does Monday always have to come so quickly?

My weekend started off VERY strange, but before I delve into the depths of that... let me give you a little background on myself.

I'm an administrative assistant for a very busy church and private school.
I'm good at my job.
I don't get stressed out easy.  
I rarely get flustered, emotional or confused when it comes to the ins and outs of my position.

That being said, the first thing I learned this weekend is:

1.  I am human.  This is noted by the uncontrollable, completely emotional, totally unexplainable and highly embarrassing MELTDOWN I had after two "kinks" in a row happened to my perfectly scheduled plans for job-related events.  I honestly don't know what came over me.  Neither were my fault, neither could be helped, and both were solved quickly...

HOWEVER, I shocked myself (and my poor husband who had no idea what to do with me, having never seen me like that in our 8+ years together) when I cried (and the more accurate description for this would be sobbed, wailed and did all but rend my garments and sit in ashes) for the better portion of the evening, followed by a completely sleepless night as I tried to fix the problem(s) in my head.

You'll excuse me for NOT displaying a photo of this moment.  Had a photo been taken, I would have destroyed it already.

And yes, I'm quite better now, thanks for asking!

2.  I learned that getting up on stage weekly to lead worship is completely different than teaching chapel for a group of kindergarten through 4th graders.  The very thought of this in fact will make me so nervous that I worry about losing bladder control.  Luckily no underpants were harmed in the delivery of said chapel message, and the kids were gracious, and the teachers were kind and I hope I faked confidence well.

3.  I learned that my 3-year old is NOT one of those kids that bites the dentist on his first visit (big whew), however, he IS one of those children that instead just refuses to open their mouth. (good grief.)

Pep talks from mommy, promises of treats from the dental hygienist (and maybe a couple quietly whispered threats of consequences by yours truly) finally saw a change of heart in aforementioned toddler and boys teeth were cleaned successfully.

Taken right before he freaked out about the "bib" and the lady with the mask who wanted to touch his teeth.

Finally allowing Kari (notice removed mask) to brush his teeth while he watches cartoons on the TV above his head.
Showing off his pearly whites (and new toothbrush) with Kari our hygienist, who was also his new best friend by the end of our visit.
In retrospect, I should have let him watch me first instead of choosing to go second, because he was intrigued by everything the hygienist did on my teeth.  Kari is great, she gave him his own pair of gloves and allowed him to "help" by holding the suction-y thing in my mouth while she cleaned.  He asked lots of questions and felt highly important and only slightly put out that he couldn't do any more in-depth procedures on me whilst I lay there (he really, really wanted to operate the polishing brush and also the drill) so I have high hopes of much better performance by him at his next check up.

4.  I learned that there is NO getting around the fact that we will be a basketball family.  We attended two games this past weekend for our school's varsity girls and boys teams and I've got to admit - I'm an avid fan!  However, all my cheering and enthusiasm does not hold a candle to my husband, the former basketball star; who is instantly transported back to the court in his glory days every time he watches the boys play and can't sit in a seat to save his life because his emotions get the best of him.  He instead stands in the balcony and coaches the boys from afar while he fidgets, paces and yells from his "I wanna play so bad" stance.  He makes me laugh every time. The man's going to be a nervous wreck when his own boys are playing one day!

5.  I learned that #22 on the Cougars boys team has no bigger fan in life than my 3-year old child who yelled at the top of his lungs "Go Dawson" every time he had possession of the ball all game long!

Dawson's a pretty good guy so I'm okay with Hayden idolizing him!
The CCS Cougars Varsity Boys 2011

6.  I learned that sometimes all you need is comfort food - and when that feeling hits you, my Nanna's goulash is a really good recipe for a quick fix!

I'm a sucker for anything with elbow macaroni.

7.  I learned that I can display amazing self-control in the face of many delightful desserts as shown at today's Superbowl Party where Jodi, Jana & Amy all tag-teamed with delicious items.  This noted, I completely lost all self-control when presented with the Cheetos... oh dear.  Apparently my sweet tooth is not the problem.

8.  I learned that some recording artists should not be heard live.  Thank you Superbowl half-time show for proving that.

9.  I learned that my New Zealand accent when leading worship (however non-existent it may be by now) is still enough to make certain people at TCC think I said that God "reigns and rolls" when I clearly stated He rules. 

Note to self - throw words like "garage" and "tomato" into the mix next time just to really give those folks a good time!

10.  And I'll end with #10  because this has been a ridiculously long post - but I learned that I will always be a sucker for hats because of this guy.

Hello adorable child of mine.
Please stay exactly like this...forever.
Thank you!
Love your mommy!


  1. Loved it. ..Love the picture of E.j.

  2. Ha ha, the rending your garments line made me laugh. Funny note: I never TOUCHED the cheetos at the superbowl party, not a draw at all, but don't ask me how many creamy lemon bars I ate!!! (including for breakfast this morning!)

  3. Ok, love #5 obviously :) and love that you have settled in at being a basketball family. Means I get to see you at the home games. and for the record, it was my american ears and sanguine temperament that heard roll rather than rule! Everyone else heard rule. (I can't even get through a complete worship song without battling 20 distractions, such as, Kelly looks adorable this that a new sweater...I wonder where Tom and Nic are today...and so on and so on.)