Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I've learned from my mother

Recently I downloaded Picasa's free software onto my laptop to organize & edit my photos.  Then my good friend Laura introduced me to the "people" feature in Picasa and I have since lost a few many hours days naming photos and watching them automatically go into people catagories for future reference.

It was during one of my "naming" sessions that I came across the following photos that have taught me a valuable lesson from my mother!

There is a time when it is acceptable and even cute to dress your children alike when they are small.  

Jan, 1981 - Aren't we adorable in our matching red short suits?!

Early 1982 - rocking the blue jumpers!  Does anyone else see Blake's "cheese" in Jodi's smile? 

But there comes a time when matching goes from cute to just plain awkward and embarrassing, and it's important to know the line before you cross it...

Coming to you straight from Little House on the Prairie. 
Welcome to the line crossed.

Me and my prairie sister, would like to present you with our version of "What Not To Wear".  I still remember that horrid purple dress vividly... oh how I hated it!  

As I looked at these photos I couldn't help but wonder what on earth was my mother thinking?  But then I came across this picture that I took this past Christmas.

My boys... matchy-matchy!

And I totally get it now. 

Dear Hayden & Elijah,
It is clear to me now that I am destined to become my mother!
So I apologize in advance for what photos
I may take of you as you grow older. 
Please know it's only because I think 
you're the cutest things EVER.
And if I take photos of you later in life, 
that you deem to be embarrassing...
I want you to blame your grandmother!
Love, your mommy!


  1. Ok, this is a crack up!!! Hello, my name is Jodi and I am a prairie sister! (I DETESTED those dresses). But golly weren't we cute little tikes?

  2. Yes I totally can see Blake in Jodi!!! wow

  3. Wow, well here I thought Russ got all the credit for Blake, move aside Rusty, you can't deny that smile. And then Jamin, it looks like I'm looking at Cooper in vintage clothing! Great pictures.

  4. This is an awesome post !! ( very cute chilren ) I too am embarrassed at the Prairie outfits..WOW awful! Sooo? what did the Prairie Mother ( who ever she is )wear ?? she is probably hiding under a rock by now !!

  5. Love the prairie sister dresses - especially love Jamin's smirk. It's almost like he knows this photo will come back to haunt you but he will get away painlessly.

  6. I repent from ever making you wear dresses like didn't seem so bad way back then hinds sight..oh really WAS !!! Too funny.
    I love the was great..

  7. Wow! Jamin was one serious baby in that 2nd picture. Prairie sisters! Very funny:) I did love little house on the prairie and I do love you two!