Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Love Wednesday - Valentine's Edition

Even though Dave and I celebrated together over the weekend, I wanted to make the actual day special too.  So this week I'd like to post some of the things I loved about this past Valentines Day:

My valentine
1.  It wouldn't be a Valentine's "What I Love" post if I didn't say once again, how very, VERY much I love, adore, cherish and swoon constantly over my hottie of a husband.  I really like him! 

My table

2.  I love decorating for special occasions and making the table fancy.  We're not every day tablecloth people - but every once in a while it's nice to have it make an appearance, pull out my chargers, fold my napkins all fancy and pull out the "hoity-toity" wine glasses (the ones that can't go in the dishwasher - it takes extra commitment to use them knowing you'll be hand washing them later!)

My menu

3.  I love cooking a special meal - okay, I love cooking period.  But I really enjoyed my Valentines menu this year.

Appetizer Course:  
"Insalata Caprese" 
(fresh tomato, mozzerella, basil drizzled with olive oil and pepper)
Main Course:
Garden Salad
Parmesan Broiled Tilapia
Tomato, Corn & Basil Risotto

Sparkling Apple Cider

I was all set to make my creme brulee and Dave asked me not too... not because he doesn't love them, but because he can't say no to them, and he's trying to eat better.  I thought Valentines was a foolish time to start such a resolution... but since I'm not the one with the sweet tooth... I went without dessert even though it ruined my perfectly planned out menu in my mind.  See what a giver I am?

And yes Jodi... I realize you would have gladly taken them off my hands, but I still didn't make them.  Sorry. 

My Cards
4. I love cards.  But mostly I love all the wonderful, romantic, sweet and "oh my goodness he couldn't have said that better" sort of remarks and admiration's that Dave writes in my cards.  He used to write me long love letters (once upon a time) and as a words person - I just eat that sort of stuff up.  It's my dessert of choice really... some people like sugar, I just like sweet things said to me.  And Dave does a REALLY good job.  The coffee card, while sweet & innocent on the outside, made me blush on the inside.  *Dreamy sigh*

My baby
 5.  I love this boy.  He's cute, and squishy, and squeezable and he smiles ALL.THE.TIME!!  Plus, he's learning to give kisses and I don't mind being the recipient of those one tiny bit!

My boy
6.  I love this boy too!  He is funny & charming and makes me laugh.  He says things like, "that's a cute shirt mommy" or "I like your shoes" and "I wuv you mommy soooo much."  He loves to sing and make up songs with me and he also dances with me.  I'm going to keep him forever! 

He was very excited to get his first Valentines chocolates (thank you Grandma Tracy).  And please ignore the fact that he's sitting in his little brother's high chair... I didn't trust him with the white tablecloth - I'm that mother!

7. And lastly... because it's a major achievement, and also because I may have to use this blog as a reference point by the time I finally get caught up in my scrapbook to document this in Elijah's life... but he's rolling.  And not just a little... I mean everywhere.  He finally mastered the "back to the tummy" which has taken him a while, and tonight he just rolled around the entire room all night.  Goodbye to the days of leaving him in one place - he's mobile! 

It really was a wonderful Valentines day.  We had a great dinner together, Dave did all the dishes (I know, he's pretty wonderful), then we danced in the living room to love songs by Frank Sinatra & Etta James, we played with the kids and clapped and cheered for Elijah while he rolled from one end of the living room to the other.  We played silly games with Hayden and laughed til our cheeks hurt... we made the most of the night together ~ and we loved every moment!

I hope you did the same this Valentine's!
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Awesome table..incredible fish dish ..would love some right fav next to the Butter fish we had on the cruise. The absolute cutest pics of "Wijah"... he just makes everyone smile. Just as well Grandma Tracy was on top of things coming through with the chocolatey goodies !!

  2. Enough mushy stuff... how the heck did you fold your napkins like that? :)
    I had to have Russ come over to the computer to look in amazement at the meal you fixed. Did you notice my dinner that evening? One dish, nothing else... I AM SO ASHAMED!! ;)