Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

Have you been waiting on pins and needles... emotions high in anticipation of what Kelly could possibly go on and on and on about this Wednesday?

Instead of waiting for your true response, I'll just pretend you all enthusiastically said "we sure have" and proceed to gush about this next little item in my kitchen.  This past week it's come into use twice and both time with GLORIOUS results.

Meet my bundt pan (also known as an angel food cake pan according to google images because mine is currently in the dishwasher and I didn't want to wait to take it's picture.)

Hello magnificent creature - I like you!
Unlike some of the other items in my kitchen, this little piece of sunshine came to me for the grand price of $1 at Goodwill.  

I love a bargain. 
I love that it has those funky little grip things on top that hold my dinner plates perfectly.
I love that it's lightweight and easy to clean.

And I love that it always makes me think of that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when I use it, and that makes me smile and want to call it a boon....boondeted....boontd cack! 

* If you have never watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding I implore you, insist, I get down on my knees and beg you to please abandon whatever you're doing and go rent it...RIGHT NOW.  You can thank me later!

But, all those reasons aside, this is my real reason for loving it so.... 

Oh Monkey-bread... you make my tastebuds break out in joyous choruses!

What you're looking at here folks is heaven on a plate.  Pure goodness in a cinnamon/caramel/melt-in-your-mouth/perfect dessert (which I can convince myself is also a breakfast because of it's similarity to cinnamon rolls).

I'm an excellent justifer... and I'm okay with that.

My sister made this past weekend at the beach and then I made it tonight for the ladies at Bible Study and this was the results both times.  

Wait... how did that happen?
Monkey bread... you must try it.  
It's only 5 ingredients and it's VERY easy.

And did I mention dangerously delicious?

Click here for the recipe...and enjoy!!


  1. Yummy, I can't think of a better way to start my Wednesday morning! I'm with you, a total complete breakfast food! Great find on the pan at Goodwill. Woot-woot!

  2. Literally made me salivate this morning... YUM!!

  3. I can testify of it's deliciousness! Every time Jodi makes it I must scold her because I know that means I will have to do double the work on the treadmill the next day! Darn it!!

  4. ..And delicious was !! Mm Mm good!! ..Thank you Kelly.

  5. Oh my goodness! Well, that just looks too good. YUM. Great to find your blog. I adore cooking yummy food and I am always on the hunt for more recipes. I can't wait to try the penne pasta with garlic & herb chicken. :-) veronika

  6. I love it . Kelsey you are so creative and a great writer/ story teller. I love love love your blog