Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day

Oregon goes a little crazy about snow. Being a state that doesn't see regular snowfalls, the promise or even possibility of snow is enough to turn it into "emergency news." Consequently, the smallest amount of snow falling and sticking will shut half the State down.  All week long the weatherman have been predicting the "BIG WINTER STORM OF 2011" and the school where I work has been a buzz with students praying fervently for a snow day.

So this morning when I was awakened shortly after 5:00am by the sound of my cell phone ringing, I knew exactly what it meant.

School's canceled.

The weatherman actually got a prediction right, and the long anticipated winter snow finally arrived. Our elaborate staff phone tree got me three text messages and a phone call sharing the happy news all within a matter of minutes - it was glorious.

Snow days are definitely one of the perks of working at a school!

I contemplated briefly jumping out of bed to look at the snowflakes falling and my backyard covered in a sea of white - but instead I rolled over, switched off my alarm clock and fell back into a deep blissful sleep.

That is until 6:30am when my boys woke up.

Hayden checking out the snow fall.
Yep, nothing like a whole 1/4" of snow to shut down half of Oregon!

Hayden was pretty excited to see the snow, but not excited enough to actually want to go play in it.  I suggested he go out after we'd finished with breakfast but he informed me it was too cold, and he needed to play the Wii instead.

And regardless of how sly this tactic may have been on his part - I totally understand the "dislike of cold things" so I obliged him.

Plus he's hilarious to watch playing the Wii.

We got Wii Sports Resort with the purchase of our game system, and it has a sword fighting game that Hayden loves to play.  He has no technique whatsoever, he doesn't block hits or use any of the button actions to enhance his game - but somehow his crazy "shake the remote like crazy while running around the room" approach has sailed him through almost every level!  What's crazier still is sometimes he loses focus and leaves the room, or turns his back to the TV and still manages to win his matches.  He's a Wii-sword-phenomenon!

I captured him in action this morning.  Please excuse the lack of pants - he feels like pants are "optional" around the house.
I blame his father.

Strutting his fencing moves in Sword Showdown - Hayden vs. the Wii world.
He graciously let me take a turn after a while... and I learned that sword fighting is quite a workout.  Luckily there is no photo evidence of my attempts.
I got very sweaty very fast.
And I died...a lot. 

The snow completely melted by 11:00am - and then made a brief return in the afternoon - really nothing to be excited about - but I enjoyed my day at home with the boys.

We played games together.
We took naps together.
We laughed...a lot!
We stayed inside the house ALL.DAY.LONG
and it was lovely.

It might have been the best snow day ever actually!

When Dave got home this evening I had a yummy dinner ready (look for a new recipe post tomorrow!) AND I even had time to update this here blog.  Oh to have more days just like this!

Oh, and Elijah turned 9-months old today.  Happy 3/4 of a year baby boy!!!

Thanks snow... even though you didn't stick around at all - you sure made my day fun!


  1. Loved it..and all the pictures..yes, the Wii is quite the work out isn't it?!

  2. atta-boy Hayden, Auntie Jodi will stay inside with you too!

    Fun post Kelly!

  3. Okay, you definitely need to frame that first picture. Great shot! And I know I tell you this all the time, but oh dear, watching Hayden is like a instant flash back to when Dawson was little. No wonder they are buddies! :)

  4. Loved my snow day too. Except the part where i tried to use my new photo program and kept getting kicked off because "ViewNX2 having difficulties. Must close. Sorry for any inconvenience. Work already done may be lost" GGGRRRRRRRRRR!!! Other than that it was a great day:)

  5. I object to the pants comment!! I believe that 99.9 percent of the time I wear pants inside. Now if we're talking about "wearing the pants" in the family I believe I wear those 100 percent of the time!!