Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

What I love Wednesday this week is my optimistic approach to something I despise...being sick.

So today - I dedicate this post to a few little items around my house that are making life better for me:

Oh have I needed you today!  Thanks for soothing my sore throat and tasting good at the same time, unlike your effective but evil cousins the fisherman's friends.

I feel like you've really been there for me and my nose today... thank you Puffs.  And thank you also for coming in cute box designs that match my bathroom decor and make me smile when I look at you.

And lastly... and I have to admit my personal favorite - even when I'm NOT feeling under the weather... 

Oh you are very cute.  I like looking at you.  And then I like congratulating myself on making something so adorable.

This little guy really steals the cake on the What I Love Wednesday this week, especially when he says things like this:

"Mommy has an owwie in her throat?"

ME: "Yes honey."

"Well I pway for you and Jesus makes all your owwies go away."

Then he stretched out his little hand to touch my arm, squeezed his eyes closed with a look of total concentration on his face and said quietly:

"Dear Jesus...mumble, mumble, mumble... and make the owwies go away - AMEN!  See, you all better now!"  

Thank you Hayden!

Cough drops, kleenex and a dose of child-like faith - yep, I'd say I'm feeling better already!!


  1. Way to go Hayden! Auntie loves you! (Also I have to agree about the fisherman's friends - GROSS)

  2. Bet that made the Lord smile did me. Aunt "shewie" will like this one :D

  3. Too cute - a few days ago, Alex was kneeling in front of the cupboard with the mugs in it. All I caught was "Jesus, cups, Amen." I'm not entirely clear on why the mugs needed prayer but who I am to question? Hope you feel better!

  4. Oh my Hayden - that is so sweet. "Faith of a child" !

    And I have to say if you've never had the elderflower Ricola you are missing out. Actually I don't think they sell them in the US anymore, but they are my favorite. And I completely agree that these actually help instead of just making you feel sorta more miserable because they are so gross.

  5. Yes you make CUTE babies!!! and Hayden always makes me feel better too. :)