Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentines Day - so I am dedicating this post to my love, my best friend, my hard-working hubby and my forever Valentine ~ Dave.

We decided to celebrate early with a date night Saturday but Dave got the weekend rolling perfectly by jumping out of bed first thing in the morning (and he's NOT a morning person - so I appreciated the sacrifice) and taking care of the boys so I could lounge in bed and pretend to sleep in.  He fed them, changed them, entertained them and then brought me a Valentine's card, white chocolate lindor truffles (my faves) and orange juice in bed. Oh and let me tell you, the warm gushy love feelings flowed!!! 

Dave's mom offered to watch the boys for us that afternoon/evening so we could enjoy our date night, and so we headed out mid-afternoon to make the most of our time alone.   And we did things right - oh yes, we hit Starbucks FIRST!

Let's be real - I needed caffeine by 3:00pm if I had any hopes of staying up for date night!

From Starbucks it was off to Typhoon, one of our all-time favorite restaurants at their newest location in West Linn.

Hello Thai food... I love you and your sweet peanut sauce goodness!

The food was spectacular as usual.. my only disappointment came at dessert time.  Dave and I first fell in love with Typhoon while we were dating; and on our very first visit there we shared their signature dessert - mango sticky rice with coconut sauce (heavenly).  It became a tradition after that, every time we dined there (which was fairly often) we'd finish with "our" dessert.   

So imagine the sadness when I learned mangoes are not in season and they were not serving it.  I think I felt a little bit like Jesus when he didn't find any figs on the fig tree... I decided not to curse the restaurant though!  Their Pad Thai was really good after all!

From dinner we drove to Clackamas Town Center, where at Dave's suggestion we strolled around window shopping (huge act of love for Dave who's melancholy nature finds window shopping abhorrent since it achieves nothing and therefore is a waste of his time) until our movie started.  

On several friends recommendations, we watched The King's Speech.  Growing up in a commonwealth country, I knew some of the background and so found the storyline extra captivating, but Dave who knew nothing of the royal family's history really enjoyed it too.  I totally understand the Oscar nomination for Colin Firth for his role as King George VI and I thought Helena Bonham Carter made a wonderful Queen mother.

Waiting for our movie to start.
So date night was wonderful. We laughed, we talked, we kissed, we cuddled, we ate, we drank Starbucks, we held hands and looked at each other with googly eyes.  We teased each other, we talked about our kids... we loved just being together.  

And so there it was - my perfect date night, with my perfect Valentine! 


  1. Well there's only one thing to do Kel, make the dessert yourself and invite me over!!

  2. A great post Kel, I hadn't heard of that movie.. sounds interesting. Sorry about the dessert..I like Jod's idea though..try it :D

  3. We too went to see the King's speech and really enjoyed it! I know understand the awards that movie was given!! your date day looks fabulous!! :)

  4. Good post Kel. Love the blow by blow action! Makes one feel as if one were right there with you:)