Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Car Caddy

I recently stumbled upon Cheri of I am momma hear me roar and I've become slightly addicted to her blog.  She is amazingly talented, and creative, and she has two cute little boys just like me - and I want so badly to be able to do things for them like she does for her kids.

I'm just going to get this off my chest - her blog has given me a bad case of "envy-itis."  Almost every day I look longingly at her creations, sigh over and over at her "oh my gosh that's so adorable" and "oh I want that so bad" ideas and then file them away in the "one day when I have oodles of time....and/or own a sewing machine" catalog of the brain.

But this week she posted an idea that I was actually able to recreate, all on my own and I'm loving it!!!

This is our new car caddy that sits between the boys in the backseat.  It's a multi-functional, organizational, and entertaining little unit and has already been of great use this week.

The caddy itself is a cleaning tote and was a whoppin' $3.50 at Walmart.  It's so nice having everything in one place and handy, and if need be I can switch it over to the other car easily. 

Hayden's still learning how to put on his own glasses... nice try son! 
I also love that Hayden can reach everything himself (and one day Elijah will too) AND he can put things away where they go when we get to wherever we've gone.  Hayden loves all his options now for entertainment, and thinks that having his sunglasses accessible (even if he can't put them on correctly) is the coolest thing ever!  He also loves having so much entertainment within arms reach...especially for the big drive to Grandma's... because you know 10 minutes in the car might as well be  2 hours to a 3-year old and heaven forbid he get bored!

This is where my Leapster goes Mom!

So it's been a win-win.  Hayden's been totally entertained and my drives have been peaceful and quiet all week.  Thanks Cheri!!!


  1. Yay you..and Cheri..if she reads this will be oh so very happy for you.Great idea all round.

  2. Nice work Kelly. Don't you just love it when you can recreate someone's grand idea! You are awesome and I can't wait either when you get that sewing machine! :)