Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

This past Saturday, my hardworking, sexy, completely wonderful and youngster of a husband turned 29.  He didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so when a friend from our church who was celebrating her 40th birthday on the same day invited us to her big birthday bash ~ a full sit down dinner at a gorgeous mansion with lots of our friends, dress up costume murder mystery dinner AND dancing - we jumped on that opportunity.

Happy Birthday Dave courtesy of Marcy-Jo!!

It was our first time doing a murder mystery dinner that was not scripted out (I've acted in some dinner theater productions) but this was all ad-lib and on the spot.  We were given characters to play about a month ago with sheets that gave us some background information on our character.  Dave was Michael Rochester, the nephew of the late millionaire whose murder we were investigating, and I was...wait for it... Tanya Tease (what a name) the personal assistant to the deceased.

When we arrived to the party we were given sealed envelopes with our names on them containing $500 in play money (for bribing & blackmailing other guests) and also a list of questions to ask, and specific things to do or say to other characters. During the evening as different events occurred, we were given additional clues and envelopes and we all had to try to solve the mystery.

The storyline was enjoyable, the mystery had some very fun twists, there was another murder during dinner (RIP to the maid) and everyone seemed to have a great time.  But let me give some special tribute where tribute is due...

(Click on the collages to see bigger)

Oh yes... the Griffith's know how to throw a party!

The decorating & food was OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD!!  But I must give special mention to the dessert spread... and not just because it was extravagant and rich and delicious and PLENTIFUL, and not because just looking at them almost gave my pancreas a heart attack; but because each dessert was made by the birthday girl herself.  Peanut butter mousse, banana cream pies, cream cheese apple squares, mint chocolate parfaits, cream swirled brownie bites, fresh strawberries, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate dipped wafers and so much more... girlfriend's clearly got too much time on her hands!

Mum (the family psychologist), Dad (best friend of the millionaire), Dave (the nephew) and me (the secretary).

Jodi (millionaire's daughter) Russell (chauffeur) Nicole (ex-wife), Tom (Son-in-law) and Erik & Tricia who went as themselves.

Even though the food was fantastic and there was a LOT of eating by all going on, it was also fun mingling with all the other guests, oohing and aahhing over their costumes and trying to figure out "Who Dunnit" all  night long.

Who knew we'd find out that Russell (AKA Neal the chauffeur) was actually the son of the maid, and the secret heir to the millionaire's fortune.  Finding out his real heritage, would also reveal that he was indeed dating his half-sister (ewwwww) and in the end... that he killed his own father!

Following the unraveling of the plot - it was time for the birthday girl to blow out her cake... courtesy of the amazing Jessica Ewing.

Make a wish birthday girl!

And then the DJ opened up the dance floor and after a first dance between Randy & Marcy-Jo - we all got out there and got our "crazy" on.  Watching my husband dance makes me fall in love with him all over again... he has fun, he's silly - he pulls out moves I didn't know existed and I find him absolutely irresistible.

How Dave gets his groove on!

But he was not alone out there... he had great company in his dancing efforts with Tom, Erik & Russell - the four of them kept us all in stitches.

How we roll!

Yes it was a great night ~ although I will think twice before hitting a concrete dance floor in 4" heels... ouch!

It ended up being a wonderful night for my darling Dave too - and far better than anything I would have been able to do for him for his birthday on my own.  I'm going to start thinking about his 30th RIGHT NOW so I can be prepared properly come next year.

That is unless Marcy-Jo is planning a 41st birthday bash....


  1. Great recap Kel, love the collages! Dave was hilarious on the dance floor!

  2. Not too many people know my skills on the dance floor! Id like to keep it that way KELLY! =) It was a very fun night with everybody.

  3. Dave you must bust out the moves more often! It would make Erik proud:)