Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I love date nights with my love.  But especially so when they're to celebrate my birthday!

Saturday night Dave planned a night out for me (my grown-up celebration as opposed to my children's party).  He planned the restaurant, the after dinner activities and arranged all the babysitting.  When I think about it, I might actually love the fact that HE PLANNED IT almost as much as I loved the date itself.

Well, almost. 

We dropped the kids off at Grandma's and went to my one of my favorite restaurants in the area, the Stone Cliff Inn.  We first discovered them last year on our 5-year wedding anniversary and this was a wonderful excuse to go back.
The restaurant is charming with a gorgeous backdrop overlooking the Clackamas river.

(Sidenote:  The background to the parking lot is one of the locations they used to film the movie Twilight.) 

I was thrilled when we arrived to be given the exact same window seat we had the last time we were there... we are calling it officially "our table" now.

Us with our entrees

The view from our table
Besides the picturesque scenery, they have a fantastic menu, a romantic ambience and the desserts... well - can you say "white chocolate custard bread pudding with candied pecans and a bourbon caramel glaze???"

I can.  Especially when the waiter says, "Can I interest you in some dessert?" - it's amazing how easily that rolled off my tongue.

Heaven on a plate!
Following dinner Dave took me to the mall (a place he I know he must love me) and he took me...wait for it... CLOTHES SHOPPING!  I got to pick out a new outfit and then we wandered around hand-in-hand window shopping and enjoying each other's company.  It was bliss.

And because I'm an awesome wife, I suggested we stop in the local sporting store so he could get a little dose of testosterone before we headed home for the night.

I'm nothing if not a giver!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. I want that dessert RIGHT NOW.

  2. no kidding too !! currently pondering a visit just for dessert.

  3. It was a GREAT evening made perfect by spending it with the woman of my dreams! Sporting store not bad either =)

  4. I'm so going there as soon as possible. Is anybody else having a birthday and need a friend to go with them to Stone Cliff Inn? I will take one for the team and volunteer!

  5. My favorite part...holding hands and window shopping with your hunny. So romantic. Dave is one blessed guy!