Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Baby

Today my baby is 10 months old.

Elijah David ~ AKA my baby!

When did that happen?  Wasn't it just yesterday that he looked just like this?

One week old

I'd really like for him to stop growing... at least for now... too quickly I'm seeing the baby melt off as he embarks into the pre-toddler stage and while it's exciting and they're all milestones for his life - I miss having that tiny little newborn thing who does nothing but sleep in my arms and look adorable.

Oh sure, he's still adorable, but with far more personality now.  It has become quite evident to both Dave and I that he is NOT his brother - in fact I think it's quite possible he'll have a relationship with Hayden that closely mirrors my own sisters and mine... Elijah already thinks he's the boss!

At the same time he's my Mama's boy.  Unlike his older brother who was independent from the get-go... Elijah still loves to cuddle with me.  He lights up when I walk into a room, he loves to give me sloppy baby kisses and at least for the time being... still likes me more than Grandma.  I'm not ready for that stage to end.  I'm just not!

So Elijah... 10 months is it.  We're freezing time now and we'll revisit this whole growing thing later!



  1. I agree FREEZE!!!! But jelly I don't think he will ever stop lighting up when you walk in the room, and he will always like you more then Grandma!! We prayed for a mommas boy= you got Little E!!

  2. I mean Kelly! lol not jelly...stupid predictive text.

  3. Hey what are you saying Kelly?!! :)
    Nicole I thought that was a knew nickname, ha!

  4. Oh I believe you know exactly what I mean miss "you're not the boss of me!" LITTLE sister!!

  5. Yes, I think E.J will be able to hold his own against Hayden very well before long,if not be in charge. He is very capable of letting anyone know just what he thinks his adorable growling, squealing "I'm not happy and I'm telling you " sort of way.

  6. Jelly, I mean Kelly, great pics and cute post. And Dodi, I mean Jodi, I think what she is trying to say is you are, oops were, bossy. Join the club:)