Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fight That Wasn't!

Last week I got in a terrible fight with my best friend.

I would have much more upset about it if I'd known we were fighting, but I was oblivious.  You see the fight only happened on one end. 

The cause? A text message!

Meet my beautiful sister, Jodi - (AKA my best friend).

Aren't we adorable!
We're texters!

I'm a big fan of technology and the ease of things like email, IM, facebook, texting... this blog.  But you have to admit the typed word, especially in today's rushed "texting lingo" can make things a bit tricky, especially when you don't hear the emotion and fluctuation in people's voices. It leaves a lot up to interpretation and that sometimes is the problem!

Last week Jodi and I were working on a project together that was somewhat time sensitive.  I was at work so Jodi was running around town picking up things we needed and we were communicating back and forth via text message.  One particular item was not at any of the normal stops we make, so she sent me a text suggesting a different store, and she asked me to text her "no" if I thought it would be a waste of her time.

At least that's how I interpreted the message (big mistake).

I knew the store she was referring to wouldn't carry what we were looking for, so I texted back, "No - just come back here."

But instead of the standard, "okay, see you soon" or something similar - I got this:

"That was really rude!"

I was befuddled... how on earth was that rude?  I was trying to save her a trip for goodness sake!!  I remember thinking to myself, "then why did you ask if you didn't really want an answer?"  I was confused by her response but I was busy at work and so I didn't respond and I also did not notice that I didn't hear from her again after that.

Silence from talkative sister... not a good thing (duh Kelly, you know this!!)

About 40 minutes later she arrived at my office and walked in, visibly irritated with me. Turns out Jodi was actually asking for the NUMBER of the store, not a yes or no answer.  My response came off completely rude, very bossy and not at all helpful to her when she was doing us both a big favor.

Oops - abbreviations are tricky!!

She was so mad at me by the time she arrived at my office she didn't even want to talk to me, and I was clueless.  Fortunately it was realized very quickly what had happened, and then we both laughed... a lot!!!

Oh the dangers of texting!!!

I'm just glad she loves me again.
And to stay on the safe side... next time we'll call.


  1. its so true, in the day of non- face to face communication, I can let my imaginative mind create a drama filled story of something that NEVER was. Oh, how I love technology too, but with comes some extra issues! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing...:) I am glad you and your bestie are on the same page now! :) ohh the joys of convenient txting, not always so convenient!

  3. gosh it was funny though when we figured it out!!! (and I wasn't THAT mad people, I just had very hurt feelings! :)

  4. Woe to abbreviations I guess! who knew?! glad it was short lived ;D

  5. If I new a lot of abbreviated texting words I would write my comment in them. But since i basically know about hmmm.... one, I'll insert it at the end. If you were still upset, Jodi, it would put a damper on the fun on Friday. Glad you're quick to forgive! Here's my big texting move lol!!!