Monday, March 28, 2011

What I Learned This Weekend

Is it really Monday already? 
I'd like a do-over of my weekend please and thank you!

Here's what I learned this weekend:

1.  If you stay up late scrapbooking to get your pre-made layouts done for an upcoming event you're part of... your children will undoubtedly wake up an hour early the next morning.  Fact!

2.  If you stay up late scrapbooking AND then wait up some more to wait for your husband to come home from California... he will want to sleep in the next morning since he drove straight through 14 hours to get home to you, and this will leave you to get up with your children when they wake up AN HOUR EARLY.  Also fact!

3.  If you stayed up late scrapbooking, AND then waited up for your husband AND then had to get up at the crack of early with your children, it will all be worth it because did I mention the husband is HOME!  Can I get a hallelujah?!!

4.  Dirty Dancing on Netflix may have also helped immensely with the staying up late - I forgot how much I love the music in that movie.  So many classics.  So much fun.  "Nobody puts baby in a corner."  Makes me smile every time.

5.  Black Eyed Peas RUINED the theme song from Dirty Dancing in their new cover, and you won't convince me otherwise.  I'm sorry, "Dirty Bit" doesn't belong in the song... it just doesn't Fergie!

6.  Two nights of staying up LATE scrapbooking has proven to me once again... I'm the world's slowest scrapper...sigh.  BUT all my pre-made layouts are done for give-a-ways at our Scrap Around The Clock and that makes me happy.

7.  I like three of my layouts SOOO much I want to keep them, but that means I'd have to make another three layouts to give away.  Which means more late nights, and more waking up early... and the cycle continues.  Oh the dilemma! 


8.  There has been a LOT of Donkey Kong in my house lately... Hayden loves to watch his Dad play on the Wii, and on occasion try to play himself.  He calls it the "Monkey game" and he's a bit obsessed with it.  So much so that he's renamed his blankie "Diddy Kong."  Not kidding.

9.  I don't have my mother's green thumb.  I try, I really do - but plants at my house just seem to die.  I don't get it, I water them, I give them sunlight, I say nice things to them like "Please don't die, live I tell!"  Alas... I fear plastic houseplants may be the only hope for me.  

But to make my mother proud, and my hubby happy... we got out in my yard this weekend and gardened (translation weeded) the entire back yard. Next step pouring our concrete mowing border around the lawn, and then I finally get to have flowers and shrubs and plants back there (outside I have more luck with plants than indoors).

9b.  While gardening weeding, I learned my back yard is the neighborhood litter box... ewwww, ewwww, ewwww.  Not a fan of cats right now!!

10.  In related news - we had another breakthrough in potty training with Hayden this weekend.  We had three instances of "big potty" on the toilet, with all three times him telling me he needed to go.  Saturday, we were completely accident free and all weekend long he's been dry all night long.  Oh light at the end of the tunnel... how I needed to see you!

And with that I'll leave you. 
Happy Monday everyone. 


  1. Yay for all your layouts done, your hubby home, and your son potty trained (or almost)!! Sounds like an excellent weekend :)
    Now I'm going to find Dirty Dancing on Netflix!

  2. OOOH, I do not, I repeat, do not envy you in the potty season of life! Did not get best in show on that one:) On the upside, I hope I get to be a recipient of one of your magnificent layouts!

  3. The whole cat potty thing, I learned that as well. Seems that in our area the cats like to poop in every yard but their own. I've thought about posting a sign saying "I'll mow my lawn when you kill your cat", but I don't want to deal with the HOA nagging me about how long my grass is.

  4. ..I AM proud of you ! since I for one, have NOT yet gardened..and as for cats ...not a fan of parcels! eeww ..exactly. ( But double "Yay" on the related matter though..long may it reign!