Monday, March 21, 2011

Explaining Death to a 3-Year Old

Late last week we received the news that my husbands Grandfather had passed away.  His health had been fading for some time and he was being cared for by hospice in his home. Grandpa Mike was 89 years old when he died peacefully in his home surrounded by his family. So this morning my husband left for California for the funeral and I had to try to explain to Hayden where Daddy went and why.

The conversation went like this:

Hayden:  Where's daddy?
Me:  Daddy went on a trip with Grandpa Jerry
Hayden: Why mommy, why?
Me:  Well, Grandpa's daddy passed away
Hayden:  He died?
Me:  Yes, Great-Grandpa Mike died.
Hayden:  Did the Wii get him?
Me:  What??
Hayden:  Did he die on the Wii?? (first clue that our 3-year old has played a little too much swords lately)
Me:  (me trying not to laugh) Something like that Hayden.
Hayden:  (thoughtful)  It's okay mommy, he can play again!

I decided perhaps I'd just leave the conversation at that.  He's three after all.

And perhaps we'll take a break from the Wii this week.


  1. Sorry to hear about Grandpa. Probably wise to leave the conversation where you did:)

  2. Priceless conversation !( just too cute) it's one of those stories that you'll want to retell over and over.

  3. I love it :) And am sad for Dave's loss of course.

  4. Sweet innocence. Sorry for your guys loss! Love love love you guys!

  5. Assuming that Grandpa knew the Lord then he will get to play again.
    Sorry....Love that blogs catch the little moments.